CA Gov. OPR/SGC - Community Assistance for Climate Equity Program (CACE)

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Community Assistance for Climate Equity (CACE) is a suite of capacity building and technical assistance programs that serve underinvested communities at the frontlines of the climate crisis. CACE programs promote cross-sectoral partnerships, coordination, community leadership, and peer exchanges so that underinvested communities can access funding for climate action. CACE Programs include:

  • Tribal Capacity Building Pilot Program: The Tribal Capacity Building Pilot Program is SGC's newest grant program that provides funding and technical assistance to California Native American tribes to build staff capacity to advance tribes’ climate-related work.
  • Regional Climate Collaboratives (RCC): RCC funds coalitions of community-serving partners to establish partnerships, align projects with funding opportunities, create or update plans and policies, and create a technical assistance network to pursue and implement investment in communities with the greatest need.
  • BOOST Program: BOOST is a capacity building program to support under-resourced communities in advancing their climate, resilience, and equity goals. The program provides custom technical assistance to address the varying capacity challenges of local governments.
  • Partners Advancing Climate Equity (PACE): PACE is a capacity building program for frontline community leaders from across California to connect and learn with peers, inspire collective action, and develop connections and relationships at the statewide level. The program aims to shift power to frontline communities to develop and lead solutions at the intersection of climate resilience, social justice, and health equity in a way that can also help further shape State priorities and programs.
CA Gov. OPR/SGC - Community Assistance for Climate Equity Program (CACE)